Who we are?

Drop Hop was born out of a love for craft beer and our desire to create an innovative service in the market.

Given the expansion of this method of production and the increase in the number of craft beer producers, it is natural that the desire to try more and more beers arises. Feeling that there are still not enough alternatives on the market for those who like to venture out in search of new flavors, aromas and experiences, Drop Hop created the ideal solution.

With us you can enjoy a varied selection of craft beers without having to worry about searching the market. We deliver a different batch to you with each order.

We work so that all the surrounding parties can have a good experience, with our customers being our main concern, always willing to listen to them and meet their needs. We also want the various craft beer producers to see us as an alternative to expand their business and get the most out of this experience.

Our mission

To be the bridge that unites our customers, from the most knowledgeable to the most curious, to the best craft beer producers.

Our vision

That in every house, at every table full of friends, in every toast... craft beer is never lacking.

Our values


Think well, act well, do well. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all the actions we undertake.


Craft beer, as well as our customers and partners deserve a premium experience. For that, we focus on delivering our best service.

Respect for people

We value all people, encourage our customers' opinions and listen to the voice of our partners.

Team spirit

We don't have suppliers… we have partners. We know that their success is our success, so we only know how to work as a team.


Because we know that life isn't all about beer, we care about having a positive impact on our community.